Maim Your Characters

Increase Realism.
Raise the Stakes.
Tell Better Stories.

Maim Your Characters is the definitive guide to using wounds and injuries to their greatest effect in your story. Learn not only the six critical parts of an injury plot, but more importantly, how to make sure that the injury you’re inflicting matters.

With in-depth analysis of nine different injury plots in popular fiction and a walkthrough of how to build your own, this book is the guide to using injuries in your story. Written by a paramedic with a decade of experience, Maim Your Characters will teach you what to do — and what not to.

This book also includes a sneak preview of the upcoming Blood on the Page, a book of injuries to incorporate into your tales. If Maim Your Characters is the how and why of injuring characters, then Blood on the Page is the what.

Are you ready…. to Maim Your Characters?

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Exclusive Bonus Content! 

All orders placed before 9/11/2017 will receive:

  • Three extra injury analyses. Learn how Black Sails crippled a main character but kept him in the thick of the action, how Person of Interest surgically created a demigod, and how Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World used an injury to pivot the plot and pull back a character on the brink.
  • A PDF copy of The 5 Biggest Mistakes Writers Make Writing Injuries, which originally appeared on superstar blog The Creative Penn.
  • The official ScriptMedic Injury Worksheet, which will help you not only keep track of your character’s injury, but why they matter.

To receive your bonus copy, preorder the book on IndieGoGo or email your receipt to AuntScripty {at} gmail {dot} com on or before 9/11/2017.