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Nano prep! My character is attacked and hit in the chest (very hard), hit in the head with a rock, and her knee is stomped on from behind while she’s on the ground. 1) would it be reasonable for her to lose consciousness and 2) what kinds of after effects/pain would she feel? I’ve got magic to heal her but at the moment how bad would it be?

Hey nonny! Your answers are 1) yes, and 2) very bad. Knees hurt like a motherfugger, and blows to the head are prone to causing unconsciousness (and maybe even seizures!). Check out tonight’s post on [Concussions] for effects!  xoxo, Aunt Scripty [disclaimer]  from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2iUsfjl

Injury Profiles: Concussion

Welcome back to Mangled Mondays, where every Monday we talk about another facet of maiming, mangling, mauling, and mistreating your main characters — and all of their friends.  Today we’ll be talking about Concussions. For the rest of the Mangled Mondays series, [click here]. Lethality Index 1 – nonlethal unless this is a misdiagnosis of a more …