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Nano Prep question! My MC has a somewhat a large slash across his abdomen. The slash was made due to a knife fight. However, that slash isn’t deep enough to penetrate any internal organs. I am wondering if he would need stitches. If so, how long would it take until he needs to get them removed. Also, would there be a scar left?

Your character definitely needs stitches. They’ll likely scar, and they’ll stay in for 2-ish weeks.  For more info, check [my post on sutures!]  xoxo, Aunt Scripty [disclaimer]  from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2mXh7Y4

NaNo question: what would be the effects of leaving stitches in long term, possibly for years? Or of using something a lot thicker than suture thread to make stitches? Would it require special care to work long term? (The characters were not being sewn up because of injury, if that makes a difference. There are magic system reasons why my characters would want to do this long term, but the magic isn’t relevant to the medical part.)

Hey there nonny! This is an interesting one.  So, first thing to know is that sutures get left in place all the time in the medical world. For example, when a surgeon opens the abdomen, the underlying muscle is sutured back together. Sutures can be dissolvable, but with muscle groups, tendons, ligaments, etc., it’s also common …